Printing ABS with E3D Scaffold support material

  • I am printing ABS on a Raise3D N2 printer with E3D Scaffold breakaway support material. The hot ends have been set for the proper temp for the materials and I have set the bed (which I am printing directly on to) temp from 95 to 105 D. Cel. I am unable to get the support material to stick to the bed. Can this support material adhere directly to the bed or should I use tape below or print the lower layers with ABS? I have tried numerous setting changes and none have worked. Hopefully I am missing an easy trick. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • MatterHackers

    @splzak You may want to try to print a Raft in ABS so the Scaffold material would start on top of an ABS layer. Another option is to use hairspray on the surface as an adhesive.

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