Considering a Rostock MAX v2

  • I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive printer which has good resolution and a large print volume, heated platform (ABS, PET).

    I'm considering the Rostock MAX v2 kit, but I'm a little daunted by the amount of time involved in building it and calibrating it.

    Can anyone speak to these concerns? Have you built a Rostock or other delta? Is it a solid design? Or do they require constant tweaks and repairs?

    Ideally I'd like something which works well, minimal tweaks / repairs, but prints ABS / PET / PLA with a good output quality.

    I'm a EE grad, I write software at my day job. I do build a lot of RC stuff. So I'm good a soldering, wiring, and fair at troubleshooting electronics.



  • I built a Rostock MAX, had the same concerns at first but I found it to be very easy/intuitive. The documentation for the build is very through (almost 300 pages long if i remember correctly) and a great step by step guide. Took about 20 hours in total (a week of evenings), No soldering was required so you may even be over qualified!

    I would say go for it - you will be happy to know the ins and outs of your machine after the build of over (it is never over, there are many upgrades to the Rostock.

  • Hi Jim,

    I bought a Rostock MAX v2 kit from Matterhackers and assembled it. I never built a 3D printer before and it took me about 30 hours. I had to solder the heat plate components (led, thermistor and a resistor) and a few wires. The assembly instructions are very good and easy to follow. There are checkpoint videos on YouTube that help you validating each milestone of the building process. I am very pleased with its performance and the quality of the components. SeeMeCNC's and Matterhacker's technical support is very responsive and knowledgeable. Most likely my second 3D printer will also be a Rostock MAX.


  • I built a RostockMax v2 a number of years ago. No previous experience with 3D printing but mechanically inclined. I don't recall the number of hours it took but I took my time and had it done in a day or three. Fun to build! Good instructions. I later upgraded to a new HE240 hot end to take advantage of more materials. The printer has worked fine. I use MatterControl software which is not always the most intuitive. The auto calibration is a little tedious but very straightforward.

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