Bridging results in very fine threads which get torn and twisted...

  • I am printing in PET material. The bridge threads are very, very fine and get torn up by subsequent passes. Sometimes a wad of threads will be created. Sometimes the final solid layer will clean up the mess; sometimes it results in a badly pockmarked surface. The only setting I see related to this is Bridging Speed, which by default is 1/2 the normal speed. What should I adjust to solve this problem?

  • MatterHackers

    @FolsomMike The quality of bridging often depends on the type of printer, material being printed and the print speed. PET/PETG is one of the more difficult filaments to bridge. The optimal setting for bridging speed is 20mm/s. If you would like further assistance in troubleshooting this issue, feel free to submit a message to

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