hair print of ABS

  • Trying to print ABS my prints are not holding together. It looks fine when it comes out of the printer. but it is as if the hair is not sticking together. Tried several brands of abs. It is as if it is made of hair comed into the shape. looks correct shape, but no adheresion between hairs. Not your clastical hairball. Does anybody have some suggestions what to try?

  • The problem was my printer was set to 250 deg for printing abs. when I set it to 230 it worked as expected. 250 burns abs.

  • temperature is not the problem. I have tried a variety of temperatures (210-250) and it is improved but not what I have done in the past with ABS. Still acts as if the bonds between the different "hairs" are too weak. it is not getting the connection. PLA is working fine. But that is a different set of issues. all that is saying is the mechanics of the printer are working.
    Have tried 4 different brands of ABS. with similar results.

    Does anybody have some suggestions what to try? Any suggestions would be helpful.

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