PETG Pro in 10lb packages

  • I recently bought the black and white PETG Pro 10lb package. It seems to work well, but there are some things I hope you fix. First, I ordered them at the same time, but they came about 3 days apart. The black is in a thin but wide diameter package, which I received first. It definitely doesn't fit my spool holder for my Prusa i3, so I built one, and it worked great. Then the white one came in... it's in a completely different package (basicaly, smaller diameter but longer). My setup didn't fit that, so I spent a bunch of time redesigning something that didn't work, and it caused me all kinds of headache.

    So first -- If you're going to sell a 10lb package, please standardize the format so I know what I'm going to get.

    Second - each came packaged differently, and both had tears in the plastic wrapping on arrival, and the wrapping on both was quite thin (thus it tore) even compared to inexpensive filament from Hatchbox (which has thicker and more air tight packaging). This is a pro filament that costs a lot of money up front, so in theory I'm paying for quality, but that quality was not apparent on arrival.

    On the plus side, the filament does print at a lower temp for PETG and seems to be quality, so that's good.

    I don't know what other people's use cases are for the large size, but I'm guessing I'm not the only one who's had these questions or issues. Fix those issues and perhaps suggest for folks to buy a spool holder that you know is actually going to fit, then I think you've got a quality product. I hope this was helpful and not too bitchy 🙂

  • im going to second this post with a bit more attitude
    i recently received the "last in stock" 10lb (4.536kg) spool, and another 1lb (0.45kg) in odd sized, and very sub par thin torn plastic packaging. i would think the sheer cost of this filament would mean im getting premium packaging, and dry quality product. considering everyone raves about the east pf PETG and how nice it is to use. i found NONE of that, apparently both of my odd spool shaped items have been in high humidity for too long while at a warehouse, and neither spool produces non bubbly/stringy quality prints of any type.
    so, this has left a rancid taste in my mouth of the product and material. these spool being so oddly shaped, i cant fit them into a proper air tight bin.
    we are not asking for 20 mill bags, hell, send them in ziplocks with a silica chew toy for all i care. but i expect when i pay over 220USD for 5kg of NONwet plastic in odd shaped spools forcing me to print adjustable spool rollers in usable pla, im going to get some quality. dammit, my new tickwatch cost the same amount.
    i guess in the future i do the sample thing with OTHER manufactures.
    my use case was to have a large quantity to respool for per use prints so it would keep dry, but what i got has to dry out first.

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