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    I bought a MakeIt Pro MX 4/18 from MatterHackers. My main project was to print a Star Wars AT Walker. I found a great model on MyMiniFactory by Kirby Downey. I am new to 3D printing so in hindsight this was more than challenging. The good thing is how well the MakeIt printer preformed.
    Before buying it I did a great deal of research. I narrowed down printers by capability, reliability ( reviews) and cost. I had to dig to find information on the MakeIt. However, all I did find was very positive.
    My experience met expectations. MakeIt was also very responsive in helping me. Another thing I am very pleased about. Pleased enough that when MatterHackers started their sale I bought a second MakeIt Pro MX.
    Completing the Walker took me longer than I expect someone who was knowledgeable in 3D printing would take. However it was an excellent learning experience.
    I printed the Walker using MadeSolid Grey PET+ using PLA for support as needed. At 150% default size.
    Here is the Walker posed in front of my two MakeIt Pro MXs:
    0_1534896534655_IMG_1404 copy.jpg

    I am very pleased with the MakeIt Pro MX and highly recommend it.

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