Second extruder temperature in UI and custom G-Code?

  • Hello,

    Thanks a lot for MatterControl!!! It's a very great software 🙂

    Anyway, I'm a bit confused about Extruder temperature in the UI. My 3D printer has two extruders, though I've selected two different materials in "material 1" and "material 2" dropbox with two different extruder temperatures, but only the temperature of material 1 is displayed in Settings -> Filament -> Filament -> Extruder temperatures

    Is it a bug? Something I've forgotten to set? This is a missing feature that will appear in the future? ...?

    Just to mention: when printing, the second extruder's temperature is set properly!

    Always about second extruder temperature, in the "Custom G-Code Variables" wiki page (, there is only one temperature variable for extruder. So, how can we send second extruder temperature in a custom G-Code?


  • administrators

    Its not a bug, but I understand your confusion. The filament settings page only shows the settings for the first material. Settings for the second (or more) materials are taken from the presets. Do you have any suggestions of a better way to handle this?

    You also raise a good point about the custom gcode variables. I'll see if we can add that.

  • Hello!

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    I've added in a paint program a way to show the second extruder temperature in the UI. I've attached it in this post.



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