Is it possible to adjust extrusion speed for the first layer of the raft?

  • Robo R1 Plus

    After switching to a larger nozzle (.4mm->.5mm) The first layer of my raft is extruding at a much higher speed than compared to the second or any other layer. I can visibly see the difference and it is causing jams/stripping out the filament.

    Is there a way to adjust only the extrusion speed for the first layer?

    I already have the first layer set at 25% and the raft at 30% but the wheel on the extruder is turning very fast for the first layer.

    Printing PC

  • MatterHackers

    @broncojo The Initial Layer Speed should adjust the speed of the first layer on the Raft. Otherwise, you can change the speed in the G-Code for the first layer of the Raft.

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