Second extruder not aligning?

  • Hi there,

    Using a MendelMax 3 dual extruder. Just recently updated my MatterControl software on W10. Single extruder works fine. Dual extruder does not. I am able to align the parts easily (used Sketchup to design), and the image generated by MatterControl looks exactly right, with the two materials superimposed perfectly. However, the output of the second (left) extruder is shifted left by about 65-70 mm (X axis). Y and Z axis offsets are correct. I have printed successfully using two extruders and MC previously. Not really sure what I am doing wrong.

    Thank you.


  • Hello!

    Did you put the distance between your extruders in "Settings & controls -> Settings -> Printer -> Extruder -> Extruder 2: extruder offset" ?


  • Regrettably, yes. Also, the offset is much, much more than the 33mm offset that is specified for the MendelMax3

  • I found the problem, which I will convey to MakersToolWorks. The problem was the extruder offset. The picture shown in the MendelMax documentation shows an offset of 33; the text shows -33. Minus 33 is correct. Once I changed from 33 to -33, we're just fine.

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