Steelfill Printing Issues- Filament Breakage

  • Hey y'all!
    I recently got Colorfabb Steelfill and Copperfill filaments to experiment with. The Copperfill has behaved perfectly with my standard PLA settings but I am having trouble with the Steelfill. I can't even complete a small print without the filament breaking on the way from the spool to the toolhead. It is not a long distance, just a straight shot from the top bar of my Lulzbot Taz 6 to the toolhead. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, how have you remedied the problem? I read somewhere that a heated filament box could help, but I'm hoping there are other solutions. Thanks!

  • when PLA absorbs water it gets brittle. I have not use the steel or copper filiments you mentioned. But Have seen PLA get very brittle. I do not know a solution for it. I don't think the added material is the problem. Just the PLA holder that it is in.

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