Unable to use screen controls after FinishedPrint

  • I recently switched firmware from Marlin to Repetier. At about the same time I also updated to MatterControl 1.5. Since most printing is done from SD I was puzzled when I ran a print direct from MatterControl and couldn't control the printer with the on screen controls when the print was finished without resetting the connection. My first thought was the MatterControl update until I reverted to MatterControl 1.4 to resolve another issue. While 1.4 looked after the other problem the inability to use the screen controls after the print was done was still there. I realized it must be a Repetier issue and viewing the Print Log seemed to point to GCODE line numbering because I was seeing continuous resend of a non-existent line number.

    Some on-line searching lead me to Repetier's GCODE.CPP file line 225...

    } else if(lastLineNumber) { // once line number always line number!
       Com::printErrorFLN(PSTR("Missing linenumber"));

    The clue seemed to be in the existing Repetier comment "// once line number always line number!", so I commented the whole else statement, uploaded, ran a quick test print and control returned after the print completed!

  • This is a known issue between MatterControl and the latest version of Repetier (0.92.8). After it receives a command prepended with a line number, it requires line numbers on all subsequent commands. MatterControl prepends line numbers while printing, but not after printing has finished. Thus, the printer stops listening to any further commands.

    We are investigating how to deal with this. In the mean time, you could try adding the following line to the end of your End G-Code.

    M110 N0

    This will reset the line count to 0 at the end of the print, hopefully causing Repetier to stop expecting more line numbers.

  • I'll uncomment the ELSE and try M110 N0. Thanks

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