No Infill on 1mm wide details

  • I have a .4mm nozzle on my hotend. A railway car that I designed always printed the 1mm wide beams on the model with infill using MatterControl 1.4. When I updated to the latest 1.5 those same 1mm beams are now printing hollow. I tested using Slic3r from MatterControl 1.5 and the beams infill but won't infill with MatterSlice. I even re-installed version 1.4 and it's fine but MatterSlice with 1.5 just won't infill the 1mm structure.

    What has changed in the slicer?

  • Thanks for your report. We've heard of a few intermittent issues relating to infill like the one you're describing, and would like to do a little further investigation.

    The best way for us to be able to determine what's going on is to reproduce the issue using your model and settings, so if you can, please email ( the STL and the files described in this wiki section:


  • Thanks for the response Ryan. I re-installed 1.5, ran the STL through MatterSlice, printed and sent the files. Rolled back to 1.4 so that I can continue my projects.

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