Configuring Software Print Leveling

  • MatterControl 1.5 on Windows running a Rostock MAX v2. I've been running my new printer for a week now, with good (and improving) results. Today I decided to turn on Software Print Leveling for the first time.

    I've tried to run the Software Print Leveling configuration several times, and always get stuck at the same place. At the first position, Low Precision, it warns that it cannot go further down when it's still very high, not even touching the paper.

    Should this calibration be done at working temperature or cold? I would think working temp, but it isn't mentioned. I've tried it both ways. The head is so high it doesn't make any difference.

    I went over all the other calibration I'd done before; nothing seems wrong. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • I should have read TROUBLESHOOTING FOR MATTERCONTROL PRINT LEVELING before I posted here. I'll give it try tomorrow & report back.

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    Here's the link to that article, in case anyone else is looking for it.


    In theory you should do the calibration while hot, since the length of the hot end will change very slightly due to thermal expansion. But in practice its easier to do it cold because then you don't have to deal with plastic leaking out of the nozzle.

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