After Recent Update, Lulzbot Mini Will No Longer Finish Prints

  • I recently installed the update to the MatterControl Touch app after it alerted me to the update, and now whenever I attempt to make a print, it will complete the process and move to the "cooling" position, then get stuck. The completion will read 99.7% to 99.9%, but it will remain trapped with the print at the back of the printer! Now I have to manually cancel the print, restart the MatterControl Touch, reconnect to the printer - and use the manual controls to reposition the print bed!

    Please fix whatever you broke - or tell me how to roll back my MatterControl Touch app so it works again!

  • We started seeing this on our Mini as well and have been investigating.

    In the latest version of MatterControl, M140 and M190 commands are intercepted and converted to M104 and M109. The waiting is handled by MatterControl instead of by the printer itself. This way, you can cancel a print or send other commands while it is warming up.

    The Mini uses an M190 R50 in the end gcode, to wait for the bed to cool off. MatterControl does not understand the R parameter (it expects an S), so it was waiting for the bed to cool to 0 degrees instead of 50, which obviously never happens.

    This will get fixed in the next update. In the mean time, you can either change that line to M190 S[bed_remove_part_temperature] or remove it altogether.

  • Any news on when that update might be? If it's not anytime soon, can you give a quick breakdown on how to change that line of code in a MatterControl Touch?

  • The 1.5.1 update is currently in alpha for Windows.

    You can find the End G-Code in Settings > Printer > Custom G-Code. The line in question is the 5th to last.

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