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  • Hi all and thanks for the makers of MatterControl.

    I'm a BitsFromBytes owner (BfB Rapman 3.1 + BfB3000) and have tried to use MatterControl to generate gcode for these printers.
    I managed to configure the printer settings and set the firmware g-code output to "BFB".
    But the output gcode isn't BFB compatible.

    Did someone manage to create gcode for a BfB printer ?

    Thanks !

  • Yah, we have never had a BfB printer, so we have never been able to test that gcode flavor. I'm not surprised that it doesn't work. Frankly, all the gcode flavors except for RepRap are vestigial, and we'll probably remove them soon.

    What exactly happens when you try to run that gcode? Can you export the terminal log and post it?

  • Hi Unlimitedbacon and thanks for your answer !

    So sad that my BfB machines can't understand the outputed gcode because I love the GUI and would have like to see how a print comes out.

    Of course I could post a terminal log or even a resulting gcode here but I don't think it might help you in supporting the BfB gcode flavor.
    The problem being that I need a 3D gcode when the produced one is 5D.
    BfB firmwares don't support the E argument in a G1 move and a typical G1 for BfB machines should look like this :

    G1 X-54.05 Y2 Z0.4 F480.2

    And the amount of extruded material is specified before that line with a "M108 Sxx" where xx is the extruder's RPMx10 (M108 S80 = 8.0 RPM).

    To resume, here are a few typical lines with comments.

    Thanks for your kind help !

    ; *** BEGIN;
    ; *** Selecting and Warming Extruder 1 to 245 C ***
    M104 S245
    ; *** Purge
    ; *** Prime (P = stepper steps, S = RPM * 10)
    M551 P16000 S900
    ; *** enable auto-destring
    M227 S1185 P1185
    ; *** extruder deciRPM
    M108 S84.5
    ; *** 'Perimeter Path', 8.5 [RPM], 8.0 [head mm/s]
    G1 X-53.77 Y2.2 Z0.65 F12000
    G1 X-53.77 Y2.2 Z0.4 F210
    ; *** extruder on
    G1 X-54.05 Y2 Z0.4 F480.2
    G1 X-54.31 Y0 Z0.4 F480.2
    G1 X-54.03 Y-2.15 Z0.4 F480.2
    G1 X-75.54 Y6.69 Z0.8 F2999.8
    G1 X-78.86 Y3.37 Z0.8 F2999.8
    ; *** extruder(s) off
    ; *** Post-layer lift
    G1 X-77.6 Y4.07 Z1.45 F210
    ; *** END_LAYER_OBJECT z=0.80
    ; *** BEGIN_LAYER_OBJECT z=1.20
    ; *** extruder deciRPM
    M108 S316.9
    ; *** 'Perimeter Path', 31.7 [RPM], 30.0 [head mm/s]
    G1 X-44.04 Y-7.77 Z1.45 F12000

  • Ah yes. I completely forgot about the whole 3D vs 5D gcode thing. I haven't had to deal with the old style gcode since I upgraded my Cupcake CNC to a stepper extruder. Is such a thing possible with a BfB?

    You could always try using another slice engine within MatterControl. However, as far as I can tell Cura and Slic3r won't do 3D gcode anymore either. If all else fails, you could generate a gcode file using some other software (Skeinforge?) and still print it through MatterControl.

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