Can't stop the stringing MC

  • I've tried everything I can think of. But the stringing persists in MC This is the best I can get it...0_1533400916779_MC_2-0-0-9799.jpg
    But if I run this same STL in Cura 3.4.1, I get eight perfect cubes with no stringing at all...0_1533401013201_Cura_3-4-1.jpg

    I have the following settings in MC 2 and Cura 3:

    • MC Retract length: 6mm - Cura retract length: 5mm
    • MC Retract speed: 75mm - Cura retract speed: 60mm
    • MC Travel speed: 175mm - Cura travel speed: 120mm
    • MC Hotend temp: 200c - Cura hotend temp: 200c
    • Mc Bed temp : 60c - Cura bed temp: 60c

    This is on a Creality Ender 3 (would be nice to see this in the preset printer list). I don't want to take the retract distance any higher for fear of clogging the heatbreak. I have 1mm more retract distance with MC than I do in Cura.
    Thoughts as to why this is happening? My only thought is that Cura and MC each have a different idea of retract distance.

  • MatterHackers

    Hi @ChefScott !
    This is certainly strange and I apologize for the latency in my reply.

    I have made our dev team aware of this issue and we are looking to create profiles for additional printers in the near futures.

    For the time being, I would try and see if you are getting these same issues using MatterControl 1.7.

    Happy Printing!

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