Creating a Calibration Cookbook aka learning to calibrate

  • This thread will document my journey to calibrating my Pulse XE after doing a hot end rebuild. Much of this will probably apply to other printers, in fact I will do the same on my Anet A8 and note some of the differences as I come across them.

    The three main topics will be:

    • Printer Calibration
    • Printer Testing
    • Tips & Tricks learned along the way
    1. Calibrate Extruder
    2. Dial in retraction
    3. ???

  • The first thing I did was to calibrate the extruder length (link).

    I now can spit out 100mm strips all day 🙂

  • Next I dialed up retraction to 6mm and now hardly any stringing. I am using Matterhackers Ryno btw. Next I will deal with the blobs and I am noticing a bit of filament powder left behind the bondtech, so I might want to dial that back a bit.

  • Here is where I am at now:

    Phil looks pretty good, the grey one is the new one, the black one is the one from the factory. I am getting close. There is an issue with the hands on my version.

    Phils Hands

    You can see the hands did not fuse together well, a little spaghetti.

    Then I printed the calibration circle that comes with MatterControl.

    The bottom was perfect!
    Circle Bottom

    The top not so much.

    circle top

    Then I did the finishing test and that turned out pretty good! Minor blobs (running too hot maybe) and the tip of the pyramid did not stick.

    finishing cube

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