Why does my print always go to the side of the bed and not the middle???

  • hi everyone, my printer is a monoprice select mini v2 and im got a issue where it goes all the way to the side of the bed and then starts printing... i have already made the bed size to the correct size, but it always prints on the side and bottoms out... How can i fix this??? also, how do i make it so it heats the extruder before it starts printing???

  • MatterHackers

    Are you on MatterControl 2 beta?
    I would recommend it as it is easy to drag your part to wherever you want it on the bed. You can find it on the MatterControl download page.

    If you want the extruder to heat before the bed you can put this in your start gcode

    M104 S[temperature] ; start heating extruder
    M190 s[bed_temperature] ; heat and wait for bed
    M109 S[temperature] ; heat and wait for extruder

    If your printer homes towards the bed you may want the G28 at the end of your start gcode.

    You can find the gcode settings here:

    GCode Settings

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