Recommended Printers/Configs for Polycarbonate?

  • I have read some specs and recommendations concerning printing PC, including...

    • Strong, tough, impact resistant - even more so than Nylon
    • Easily solvent welded to create strong multi-component pieces (major advantage over Nylon)
    • Print at ~265C - 290C
    • Requires all metal hot end
    • Bed temp ~130 - 150C
    • Enclosure recommended for heat retention & management
    • Measures must be taken to avoid water absorption (one guy said store filament in food dehydrator)
    • Print bed adherence is a challenge --- BuiltTak reportedly works; Airwolf Wolfbite Mega is another
    • Feel free to share others

    What has been more challenging is finding recommendations about which specific printers and upgrades/configs yield consistently good results.

    So I'm asking here: Does anyone have specific printer/upgrade/config recommendations for PC?


  • MatterHackers

    @chrisrin Please reference the article on the MatterHackers website located at How to Succeed when Printing with Polycarbonate Filament.

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