FlashForge Creator Pro Won't Connect...

  • When you open MatterControl for the first time it prompts you to select a printer. FlashForge Creator Pro Dual is the machine I have. That printer was on the list in MatterControl, so I selected it. I have a cable from the back of the printer connected to a USB port on my laptop. When I try sending a project to the printer, nothing responds. Am I missing a driver or something? Is there a driver for my printer included in the MatterControl setup process? If not, what's the name of the driver I need and where do I get it? (Windows 10 and/or 11 don't recognize that old machine so "plug and play" doesn't work. It sees an "Unknown Device" that it doesn't recognize.)

    My old printer has never been connected via cable to a computer. I've been using flashcards to load .x3g files into the machine since I bought it about 7 years ago with no problems. Last week, the flashcard reader in the printer went wonky. It gives me error messages that there's nothing on the cards I put in it when I know files are there. If anybody out there has had that problem and has figured out how to repair it, I'd really like to talk to you!

    (FlashForge seems to have moved on from supporting that machine, so now I have a FlashForge Creator Pro Dual machine that I can maybe use as a small boat anchor?) HELP!

  • They're talking! The cable I was using was bad. Printing now. Lots of MatterControl buttons to learn, but I think I'm on my way. I'll probably email support with questions after I write down a few.

    Thanks for reading!

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