The x-axis on my Airwolf axiom 20 Direct drive not homing

  • Typically the printer once set to print will preheat followed by cleaning of the extruder nozzles against the rear brushes then the gantry hovers to proceed to bed leveling. At this point, the z-axis has already come up close to the nozzle base meaning the gantry hoovers to all four corners of the bed for level accuracy. But it never completes its travel to the opposite end of the x-axis from origin before shifting to travel inwards towards Y- axis. At other times, it completes the x travel in front then travels back along the bed frame to the extreme of Y-axis but on return along X-axis at the back to make a full square travel, it stops mid-way and drives unto the bed. Once on the bed, it attempts to level against the glass surface which risks breaking the glass and at the same time making resistance noises. Anyone experience this and have a solution please?

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