What temperature changes are needed to use the new BuildTak system?

  • What temperature changes are needed to use the new BuildTak system?

    I have ordered the new BuildTak system for my Robo3D R1+. I am using Simplify3D, and watch the temperature graph as the bed heats. When the bed's indicated temperature reaches the set point, the process continues. Currently the bed is a one piece glass (of some sort) plate. I am assuming the the readings from the sensors have been adjusted to reflect the surface temperature.

    With the addition of 3 new layers, and any air gaps between them, how to I change the setup to reflect the increased R value of the plate? Is there a firmware change, or a timing change, or an additional factor I need to use? Any situation the changes the dynamic of the heat transfer typically requires the feedback constants to change. The amount of (thermal) power transferred throught the plate decreases as the thermal resistance increases. This usually results in the control circuit over controlling or oscillating.

    What is the usual approach in this situation? Is there some device that can read the bed's surface temperature and can integrate with the control circuit?

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    @TodABen I think you are reading too much into the addition of the BuildTak system. The temperature settings should be the same, or lower, depending on the material. The addition of the layers have a minimal affect on heating of the bed.

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