NylonX yield strength and poisson's ratio?

  • So, I found the datasheet for NylonX on Matter Hackers website, but for doing an FEA analysis on my device in SolidWorks before I print it out with my school's lab 3D printer and for mechanical data, I need also need values for the properties of yield strength and poisson's ratio (which aren't on that datasheet). Does anyone know what these are? I cannot simply use these properties from just nylon, obviously, since the ~20% carbon fiber filling will affect these just like the other mechanical properties.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • My reply won't help your search for the data - I didn't find any solid values when I looked right after Nylon X came out.

    Unfortunately, for the parts I have made, the part failures have more to do with the joining of layers and infill than with the strength of the material.

    Large nozzles help with better layer adhesion and slowing down the print speed and playing with the layer thickness, you can get a really great print but I don't think that any of my parts actually approached the material limits.

    You would also have to anneal the finished part to see the material reach full potential - this relieves or distributes the stresses after printing.

    I love the Nylon/CF materials and have built many parts that are working fine, but knowing the actual properties of the filament probably would not have been an accurate way to forecast what has and hasn't failed...

    I wish it were that simple!


  • MatterHackers

    Hi @bschab

    This is an interesting question but I think in the end it will be that those factors cannot be measured for a few reasons. Let me try to articulate it as best I can.

    When you print a part with infill under 100% true infill, you end up with cavities in the part that can skew the results of a stress test. Another factor can be the inter layer adhesion of the part. Being that we are dealing with FDM and layers being stacked on each, a lot of the strength depends on the layers sticking together. If the correct temperature is not achieved for good layer adhesion the part will not reflect the CAD results.

    These are the main two factors that come to mind, please let me know if this needs further explanation.

    All the best!

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