Nylon(X) Softening Temp

  • Anybody know the temperature at which a Nylon/NylonX printed part starts to (later) soften?

    I have a FlashForge Creator Pro (1) and Thingieverse has a nice corner brace (pair) for placing a glass plate on top of the regular build plate. The "problem" is that ABS starts to re-soften at a typical ABS build plate temp of 110C'ish, and these parts need to be in contact with the build plate.

    I'm wondering what material I could actually extrude on my printer to make these braces that wouldn't later soften while mounted on the build plate. I see NylonX seems to want a 60C'ish build plate temp, but that's doesn't "necessarily" mean it's soft at that temp. Could just mean it adheres the best at that temp.


  • MatterHackers

    @kburgoyne According to the manufacturer, NylonX has a melting point of 180C with a long term maximum usage temperature of between 90C and 120C and a short term maximum temperature usage of 150C.

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