Peopoly Moai error

  • Thanks for taking the time to read this ... I am very very new to 3d printing. I played around with a friend's PLA printer a few times then jumped in headfirst. So far I have not had any serious issues, mainly figuring out supports and trial and error.

    But this weekend my Cura program (the one that comes with the printer, version 2.6 I think) gave me a prompt that there was a new version. The new version was 3.3.1. I updated and installed the new version. Once I set up a gcode and got the machine running instead of printing the file my printer started making ovals in each corner of the resin bed.

    I uninstalled 3.3.1 and put the original program back on but it is still having the same problem. I don't know if this is a common issue and I couldn't find anything online about it. But my terminology isn't up to speed so I may be looking for the wrong thing. Any help or insight would be great! Thanks in advance!

    Background ... I print and hand paint miniature game pieces for DnD or other tabletop games. I use meshmixer to generate supports and cura to slice into gcode. I am using the florescent green peopoly resin.

  • MatterHackers

    @tinytimsminis I assume that you are working from a Windows type machine. If so, then go to the C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) folders and delete all instances of Cura and Ultimaker Cura. Next, go to C:\Users{User_Name} and delete the .cura folder. Then restart your computer and load the Peopoly Moai configured Cura version 2.6.2 and see if this works for you. If not, send an e-mail to

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