Okay. How do you make the wipe pillar build first, before the part starts? Gcode draws a perimeter/supports with Extruder/material 1, then the part starts to draw before the wipe area. (eventually/haven't got the feed working after the extruder swap yet...) expected: 0_1564347008219_MC_dual feed test_part.png PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT MY CODE ATTEMPT HERE: I put the extruder prime/feed G1 E160 here: 0_1564346940375_MC_Extruder gcode.png is that wrong? feed for #2ext isn't making the initial G1 E160 on first swap, then once #2ext/material filament eventually feeds() the retract/feed exchanges work fine. Printer gcode: 0_1564347593776_MC_Printer gcode.png I'm sure it's right in front of me... don't know how things work in there yet... Help please?