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Is it possible

  • Owing to my problems with the T10 bluetooth keyboard, I would like to use the matter control software with the SD card and LCD screen.

    Can I export the gcode to the SD card.

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  • It's probably easiest to use the computer to export .gcode files to SD at this point since tablet versions of the program are not able to export directly to SD in the current stable version. It's a bug, and should be fixed for the next version.

    To export from desktop versions, navigate to the QUEUE and click the 'Export' button -> Export as G-Code and save the file to your SD card. This will slice the model using the current settings and output to .gcode.

  • @erniehatt said:

    Not really is it Possible, because I know it can be done, what should I expect.
    Because of my Bluetooth Keyboard experiences with the T10, I am going back to using the SD card LCD configuration and the Lartop, but as I like the mattercontrol printing I would like to slice it in mattercontrol and print through the sd card, what should I expect. Or would I be advisable to to use S3d.

    Ernie, we deleted your duplicate post in the General 3D Printing section, quoted here. In the future please post in the correct section (MatterControl) and use the same thread to reply or clarify if needed.

    Basically, if you want to print from SD card then you probably won't want to use the T10. Slice on the laptop then load the .gcode file onto the SD card and move that to the printer and start the print from there.

  • The reason for the duplicat is that it did not show up, and the other one is very dimm compared to others. In fact it is still not showing, only reason I am answering is because I was directed here from the touch section, so please explain why you can see it and I can't.

  • Sorry, Ernie, I'm not sure exactly what happened. There were two posts: "Is it possible." and "Is it possible", one of which was worded slightly differently than the first. They were both posted in General 3D Printing, if I remember correctly. This post was then moved to the MatterControl section (which, now that I think about it should be the MatterControl Touch/T10 section) and here we are.

    Did I ultimately answer your question? I realize it's probably not the answer you were hoping for, but it's the answer I think is correct.

  • Ryan,

    The answer is fair enough, seems the T10 has more bugs than an ants nest, I have just found another..

    I am not sure whether it's with the save operation or not, but the Z offset keeps changing.

    I started off with 0.01 and gradually rose it to 0.08, but it keeps going back to 0.01, so consequently the prints are failing.

    I am having to check this setting over and over again.

    I have mentioned this before.

    I use a Z probe for the endstop and bed leveling, and the offset is set in Marlin, so it seems that the T10 ignores those settings, and requires it's own

    Don't take this the wrong way as I feel the developers are doing a great job, but my feelings are, they should concentrate on fixing what they have, before adding new printers and other features.

  • If you've set the Z Offset in Marlin then you shouldn't specify it in MatterControl. The two values will conflict with each other, and this may be some of the cause of the problem. Just leave the MatterControl Z Offset field set to 0 and let Marlin's value do the work.

  • Ryan,

    Not overly sure, but under the cercumstances that seems wrong.

    If I change over to the LCD setup, the setting in Marlin works as it should.

    But then going to the T10 it does not happen, I have to add the Z offset, nothing else is changed, just swapping between the two setups.

  • LCD Setup = Printing from SD card using the LCD?

    The difference is between printing from SD card via the LCD and printing via the T10? And the T10's Z Offset is set to 0 and you still have a problem?

  • Yes Ryan that is correct.

    Disconnecting T10.

    Connecting via the Lsd SD card combo, it prints fine as it should.

    Connecting the T10 with offset at zero, it prints verually in mid air, compared with SD.

    The Z offset in marlin is set at -1.34..

    In the T10 it's -0.09.Though it is printing ok I still may need to readjust it.

  • So it prints in mid-air when the T10 is connected and the Z Offset is set to 0, yet when set to -0.09 it's fine?

    Have you tried printing with the Marlin offset set to 0 and the T10 set to the actual Z Offset you require?

  • No haven't gone that far yet, but will give it a try.

    Waiting for a new heat bed to arrive, not having much luck with those either.

    Had a Mk3 which would not heat past 54 degrees, then tried a MK2B which only heated half the board, now waiting for Mark2A, maybe 3rd time lucky.

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